Cloud solutions are located in a TIER III Design & Facility certified data processing centre in Latvia (EU)


High-security data processing centre, PCI-DSS certified, DDoS protection


Data protected by the EU law

Network infrastructure

Data transmission networks with EU and CIS countries, with a speed of 40х10 Gbit/sec

Support 24/7

Unified specialist support in Russian and English


Largest Telco & IT integrator in the Baltics, with a team of 250 certified specialists

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  • VS “Silver” (Linux OS)
  • VS “Gold” (Linux OS)
  • VS “Platinum” (Windows OS)
  • Own configuration VS
  • Virtual Data Processing Centre
  • Prepaid
  • VDC Pay As You Go
  • Own configuration VS
  • Virtual Data Processing Centre
  • VDC Pay As You Go
  • Prepaid
  • VS “Platinum” (Windows OS)
  • VS “Silver” (Linux OS)
  • VS “Gold” (Linux OS)
  • Own configuration VS
  • Virtual Data Processing Centre
  • VDC Pay As You Go
  • Prepaid
  • VS “Platinum” (Windows OS)
  • VS “Silver” (Linux OS)
  • VS “Gold” (Linux OS)

Cloud computing

Virtual server (VS)


VS “Silver” (Linux OS)



40 GB (SATA)


VS “Gold” (Linux OS)



120 GB (SAS)


VS “Platinum” (Windows OS)



250 GB (SSD)


Own configuration VS

1-20 CPU

2-136 GB RAM

up to 5 TB


Virtual Data Processing Centre

Provides the computational resources necessary for creating virtual servers, combining them in a shared virtual data transmission network, and storing and processing data using integrated software.


Use a virtual data centre in the Lattelecom cloud with a defined (fixed) total amount of virtual resources. The service has a fixed subscription fee for a definite period of time.


VDC Pay As You Go

Create virtual machines in the data centre according to your needs and pay only for the used resources during the period of time. The amount of virtual resources will have no restrictions.


Comparison of a Virtual Server and a Virtual Data Processing Centre

  Virtual Server
Virtual DPC
Included in price    
1 IP address    
Internet connection of up to 20 Mbit/s    
Linux based OS    
Usage statistics    
Additional options    
Internet connection of up to 1 Gbit/s    
Microsoft Windows Server based OS    
Virtual router (vRouter)    
Virtual Network (vLAN)
Site-to-site VPN (IPSec)
Load balancer    
Supports Hybrid cloud Solutions    

Lattelecom Cloud technical advantages


Platforma ir būvēta izmantojot Cisco, HPE (Blade un 3PAR) komponentes un izmanto VMWare virtualizācijas programmatūru.

55 seconds

Deploy your own cloud infrastructure in one minute

Self service portal

Freedom to manage and monitor

Cost transparency

Freedom to manage and monitor


With VPN (Virtual Private Network), a secure connection is established between a local PC and your cloud servers.


Before data reaches your server, all traffic is filtered through our central firewall within the networks of our data centers.


Option to set different data backup policies. The backup platform is located in a geographically different data processing centre

SSL Certificate

A Lattelecom SSL Certificate ensures a safe exchange of information over the Internet. Any information exchanged between your website and a visitor will be protected against unauthorized access.

Load balancer

Distribute your traffic workload between several of your servers with a few clicks

SSD performance

Architecture of the Lattelecom Cloud platform uses the most advanced and reliable disk arrays using SSD drives

SAN storage

All the virtual resources are located in SAN storage, providing top security


Option to make virtual server snapshots.

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