Cloud Services

This service includes the lease of the Lattelecom Cloud virtual resources — with the options of creating and using the virtual IT infrastructure logically distributed among different users. The platform allows creating virtual servers, as well as virtual data processing centres

Deployment of IT infrastructure

The service includes placing the client’s IT equipment (servers, data storage and transmission devices etc.) in one of Lattelecom’s four data processing centres in Riga (Latvia, EU).

Customised solutions

The service includes the development and establishment of a private virtual platform in accordance with the individual business requirements of the client. The corresponding maintenance and management can be performed by the client, or by experts from Lattelecom.

Additional Services

OS&DB management

OS&DB management service for clients includes maintenance of Microsoft, UNIX and Linux operating systems, and Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SAP Sybase, Oracle and other databases.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

The service includes the development of customised solution in accordance with the individual business requirements of the client for creating a private VDI platform. The solution makes it possible to store user data at the Lattelecom data processing centre and work with devices that can access to a remote screen with an application interface

Backup as a Service

The service provides the option of copying and retrieving the client’s business data remotely from the IBM TIVOLI TSM backup system. The system is distributed between two geographically remote data processing centres. The system makes it possible to create backups for the client’s IT infrastructure and the infrastructure located in a Lattelecom data processing centre.