To strengthen position in the field of artificial intelligence, Lattelecom has developed the online tool to TV ads and audiences analyze - CLAARA, the first one in the Baltic states.

It is worked out in cooperation with a smart technology-oriented company APPLY. This tool is able to processes statistics on more than 200,000 households in Latvia in real-time mode, and provides more accurate data on viewing advertising on the most popular TV channels immediately after it appeared on the air. Advertisers can track real-time statistics on the Claara.lv website.

“For a long time Lattelecom has been working on researching the potential of artificial intelligence, developing both new services for clients and business solutions. Last year, we introduced Anete, the first robot that helps Lattelecom clients in the Latvian language, but now we put into operation a new technology for analyzing the audience and TV content, which provides more accurate and quick processing of a large amount of data,” says Krists Avots, head of corporate development of Lattelecom.

CLAARA is an artificial intelligence solution that processes data with the help of machine vision or an algorithm capable of independently recognizing advertising on TV channels, finding similarities in other advertisements and linking it with a particular industry. CLAARA recognizes advertising on several dozen channels simultaneously, so it is able to process up to 90 hours of television content in one hour.

Previously, the analysis of TV advertising was based on a sample of 400 households - less than two thousandth of all households in Latvia. CLAARA covers the audience, 500 times larger, and provides data and statistics on view of specific TV channels at specific times. In addition to accounting ads, CLAARA analyzes them in real time in the context of data concerning the audience with an accuracy of 99%. It makes possible to estimate as close to reality as possible the audience that advertising reaches.

“CLAARA, as a combination of artificial intelligence and large data amount will ensure unprecedented accuracy in the TV data necessary for transparent market development and fair competition. The main task of product development in the long term is to offer even more opportunities for large data," - told Krists Avots.

On the site Claara.lv you can find out the number of ad views and its audience, compare your advertising clips with the clips of competitors, monitor the ad activity on TV channels, view the exact distribution between channels and views at different hours. Archive with a large number of ads, as well as the ratings of advertisers and the most viewed ads are available for CLAARA users.

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