Data cloud services

Calculate the cost of Tet Cloud computing resources with a cost calculator.

Public clouds

  • Easy to use without investing in IT equipment and technology.
  • No more long-term planning, installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.
  • The service fee is calculated based on actual consumption, preventing you from overpaying for resources not used.
  • All elements of the platform are reserved, and 99.9% availability of the service is ensured.

Hybrid clouds

  • Suited for companies with a complex IT infrastructure, if there is seasonality in their work, or if flexible resource planning is necessary.
  • The most appropriate solutions are chosen based on the company’s needs, functions, security and costs.
  • This is an option to link office, data centre or public cloud resources into a single IT infrastructure, thus controlling its operation and costs.
  • If the company expects sharp rises or falls in its business, it is possible to increase or decrease the capacity of the infrastructure when necessary.

Private clouds

  • This is a specialised IT infrastructure adapted to the needs of the company in question.
  • This is an easy-to-control IT solution that does not require much investment, with a monthly fee that includes the leasing and maintenance of equipment and data transmission.
  • Consulting, development of solutions, implementation and maintenance using equipment by leading manufacturers (DELL/EMC, Cisco, IBM, HPE etc.).
  • Tet data centres guarantee security of information using security solutions provided by leading manufacturers (RAPID7, RADWARE).

By choosing Tet you get:

  • guaranteed continuous support, availability and security solutions, as well as the highest standards of service

  • 10 years of experience in the development, implementation, support and migration of solutions

  • eight years of experience in the development, implementation and support of virtual platforms

  • physical data security

  • powerful data transmission infrastructure with direct international connections

  • team of certified specialists (more than 250 specialists)

  • 24/7 support services in Latvian, Russian and English

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