Data cloud services

Public clouds

Public cloud services are designed for those enterprises that do not want to invest in IT equipment, technology and experts. These services allow you to abandon long-term planning, installation and support of the IT infrastructure - the connection of new resources occurs through a self-service system, and the service fee is charged for actual expenditure, which allows you not to overpay for the resources used.

On a public cloud platform Lattelecom, you can create not only virtual servers (CPU, RAM, HDD), but virtual data centers with a virtualized network infrastructure (routers, firewalls, load balancers). All elements of the platform are reserved, we provide 99.9% of service availability.

Hybrid clouds

For enterprises with complex IT infrastructure, seasonal activities, as well as for companies that need flexible resource planning to bring new projects to the market, Lattelecom offers special solution – hybrid clouds.

Hybrid clouds allow you to combine resources located in the office, data center or public clouds, into a single IT infrastructure with centralized management, which enables you effectively and wisely control costs and resources.

If the client's business is not characterized by seasonality or linear growth, it is possible to use a variable IT infrastructure, the extension of which can be planned in advance (server purchase). If there are seasonal ups and downs (eg. at online stores), for the time of Black Friday or purchases of New Year's gifts, infrastructure needs to be increased two or three times for a couple of days or weeks, and resources that are especially important easy to increase or decrease (virtual platform service). By combining several infrastructures, we get a solution that is called a "hybrid" in the IT industry.

Private clouds

While maintaining full control, use a fully specialized IT infrastructure adapted to the requirements of your business.

If you want to manage your company more effectively and get ready to future business needs without increasing IT investments and maintenance costs, we suggest using the experience of Lattelecom experts in developing of private cloud solutions.

Private clouds are specialized and easily controlled IT solution adapted to the individual business needs of each customer. Instead of large and permanent IT investments, you choose a monthly payment for the service, including rent, equipment support and data channel.


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By choosing Lattelecom you get:

  • guaranteed continuous support, availability and security solutions, as well as the highest standards of service

  • 10 years of experience in the development, implementation, support and migration of solutions

  • eight years of experience in the development, implementation and support of virtual platforms

  • physical data security

  • powerful data transmission infrastructure with direct international connections

  • team of certified specialists (more than 250 specialists)

  • 24/7 support services in Latvian, Russian and English

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